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‘Do not tell my boss that I deserve a raise’: Subway worker shares PSA to customers who try to advocate for him in front of his boss

‘I don’t care if I let you off easy with a coupon that I shouldn’t have let you use.’


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A Subway worker is putting customers on blast for requesting a raise on his behalf to his higher-ups. 

In a TikTok video, Bela Delgado (@tenc1999), who has over 320,000 followers, pleads with viewers to stop asking his boss to give him a raise after he does conventionally nice things. The reason he gives is simple: It does nothing to actually help him.

“I do not care what I did for you,” Delgado says. “I don’t care if I gave you two extra strips of bacon. I don’t care if I let you off easy with a coupon that I shouldn’t have let you use. I don’t care if I gave you too many napkins. Do not, under any circumstance, tell my boss who is standing right next to me that I deserve a raise. You, and I cannot reiterate this enough, you are not going to get me a raise. I can’t even get myself a raise. You are not going to get me a raise.” 

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Delgado recounts an experience in which he helped a customer figure out the rotate function on their phone while working at T-Mobile. The customer then allegedly went up to Delgado’s boss and demanded he be given a raise.

“Are you demented? If you want to thank me for what I did for you, please either thank me personally or just drop a couple dollars in my tip jar,” Delgado says.

According to Indeed, the average salary for a sandwich maker at Subway is $11.68 per hour, while a restaurant manager makes around $18.22 per hour. Subway has not responded to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email on its usual practices for giving employees raises.

Some commenters shared how even though customers think they mean well, their requests for a raise largely means nothing in the long run. 

“I work at a Target Starbucks [and] they raised the base pay but like trust me they are NOT giving me a personal raise [please] dont remind me,” one commenter said. 

Others said there are different ways customers can show their appreciation that directly benefits workers: tipping. 

“[People] used to say this when I was a server,” one commenter said in response to Delgado’s video. “Like YOURE the one that has the power to give me a raise.” 

The Daily Dot has reached out to @tenc1999 via TikTok comment and Instagram direct message.

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