Subway tells women to stay skinny for sexy Halloween costumes

Halloween‘s coming. You gotta stay in shape for all those sexy Halloween costumes.”

Yep. Subway actually went there, and it follows up this perplexing argument for why you should switch to foot-long subs with a montage of sexy cosplay.

The idea Subway is getting across is that while summer’s over, Halloween is here, so women who’ve spent the past six months working out, waxing, tanning, and trying to meet impossible beauty standards in order to fit into a bikini should do it all over again in order to properly celebrate a holiday primarily known for involving a lot of candy.


So we get “Sexy Nurse” and “Spicy Red Riding Hood,” as the female cosplayer in the ad gives a sloe-eyed come-hither look to a dude stuffing his face with a burger.

To Subway’s credit, apart from the short skirts the cosplayer wears, none of the costumes are revealing—but they get the message across.

Halloween costumes have frequently been the targets of feminine rage over their sexist double standards and oversexualized adult versions of characters from children’s stories. Furthermore, female cosplayers have worked diligently over the last two years to put out the message that cosplay is not consent, but a national ad campaign that promotes the idea that women in cosplay are there to perform for and be physically fit and sexy for men negates that message altogether.

But why should that keep Subway from embracing those double standards if it will help sell a macademia nut cookie or two?

Comments have been disabled on the video, but the Internet has been vocal about expressing its displeasure.

Looks like we’ll have to write this ad up as an early unexpected “trick” of the Halloween season.

Screengrab via YouTube

Aja Romano

Aja Romano

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