Starbucks worker holding large container of coffee with caption 'That one time my managers caught me trying to batch 6 fraps (I did it anyways) Work smarter, not harder Living life on the edge' (l) Starbucks circular sign in window (c) Starbucks worker holding large container of coffee as other worker points finger up with caption 'That one time my managers caught me trying to batch 6 fraps (I did it anyways) Work smarter, not harder Living life on the edge' (r)

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‘How else does Starbucks expect a low drive time?’: Starbucks worker busted by manager for making 6 Frappuccinos in batch

‘Work smarter, not harder.’


Thalía Menchaca


A Starbucks worker used TikTok to share that her manager caught her making six Frappuccinos in a batch.

The video has received over 770,00 views since posted on Wednesday by Andrea (@pinkfinaldream). In the video, she holds a blender filled with ice-blended coffee next to six empty Starbucks cups.

@pinkfinaldream This stunt was performed by trained professionals #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #starbucks #starbucksrecipe #starbucksbarista #funny ♬ Trap Money so Big (Remix) – Iqbal12

“Batching can cut the drink-making time in half,” Andrea told the Daily Dot. “When it comes to getting orders with two-plus [of the] same frap, and no modifications, then we just batch it. It’s a matter of being efficient, and when you’re being timed for every customer, a frap can put you behind with the orders.”

Even though batching drinks is against the policy, Andrea says she always ensures drinks have the right consistency before serving them to customers. She has been working at Starbucks for a couple of years and says her manager understands her occasional batching of drinks.

“I am totally fine with yall batching my Frappiccuno so long as I just get it,” one user wrote.

Other Starbucks workers commented about their experience batching multiple drinks.

“one time i triple batched 3 venti fraps and it worked perfectly just put the shaker lid on top of the blender lid,” one commented.

“depends on the size. it physically will not fit more than 3 ventis. i found out the hard way,” another user wrote.

Andrea said Starbucks workers are sometimes short-staffed and slammed with orders, resulting in long wait times and angry customers. She said, however, that staying calm and focused on creating drinks helps her to deal with the hectic work environment.

“Regardless of the assumptions made from just seeing me batch six fraps, I take a lot of pride in my drinks,” Andrea said. “My favorite part of the job is seeing the smile on a customer’s face after that first sip.”

Despite the company’s employee benefits, Andrea said Starbucks expects too much of its baristas, and its delivery partnership with DoorDash has doubled the workload for workers. In the future, she hopes the company limits the number of drinks customers order at once or restricts the number of customizations on drinks. 

“A lot of people come and go with Starbucks, and many of us burn out quickly,” Andrea said. “We are not robots.”

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