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‘I just paid $4.20 for all of this’: Customer shares alleged hack for where Starbucks is cheaper

‘My fav hack ever.’


Braden Bjella


While many flock to the coffee chain Starbucks, there is a frequent complaint amongst customers: the price. With a tall latte coming in at around $3 to $4, depending on the state, and other drinks reaching almost $7 in their largest sizes, many customers are left wondering whether there’s a cheaper way to enjoy their favorite drink.

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Now, according to TikTok user Larsa (@larssfit2.0), there is. In a video with over 52,000 views, Larsa shows a pastry and drink, claiming she got both for only $4.20.

“Tip: get your starbs from your local vons or albertsons,” she wrote in the text overlaying the video.


my fav hack ever

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As Larsa noted in the comments section, this hack works because in-store Starbucks locations are “licensed,” meaning they are not the same as independent Starbucks stores one might see outside of a grocery store.

This can have some limitations; for example, the Starbucks app may not allow one to order a drink for pickup at an in-store location.

However, this can also have some positive sides for the customer. With this arrangement, stores hosting a licensed Starbucks can run their own specials that affect their Starbucks. For example, Albertsons recently ran an in-store promotion that gave customers any grande drink and pastry for just $5.

Furthermore, as Larsa shared in comments, each store likely has an app that has its own Starbucks deals. 

“U have to get their app & clip coupon,” she explained of both Albertsons and Vons.

Albertsons and Vons are not alone. Target, Safeway, and Kroger all have apps that occasionally have coupons for their in-store Starbucks locations. These stores’ loyalty programs may also interact with Starbucks’; for example, “if you have Starbucks Rewards, you can get free refills on select drinks while shopping at Target,” ShopFood reported.

All these elements may be the reason Larsa calls this her “fav hack ever.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Larsa and Starbucks via email.

Update 2:39pm CT October 28: In an email to Daily Dot, Larsa explained how the tip works in practice.

“Basically, you have to download Albertsons or Vons app and clip coupon, then you can use at the Starbucks inside the store,” she wrote.

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