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‘The Impossible Sandwich is not completely plant-based’: Barista shares PSA about several menu items

‘The same tongs are used for all the food. So if you don’t like meat, the meat is probably touching your pastry.’


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A Starbucks barista broke down the ingredients of many of the coffee giants’ most popular menu items in a viral TikTok video.

The TikTok, which was posted by popular user Danielle (@thehighbarista), currently has over 449,000 views. In the video, Danielle lists off certain items on the Starbucks menu. “One, the Impossible Sandwich is not completely plant-based,” she starts. “Only the patty is.”

“Two, there is dairy in the caramel drizzle, so when you get your iced caramel macchiato with almond milk, it still has dairy in it,” she continues. “Three, all of our thick syrups, so like, the white mocha, the dark caramel, those also have dairy in them.”

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She also claims she is “pretty sure nothing is gluten-free here when it comes to food, except for maybe the marshmallow dream bar.”

“Chai has caffeine in it. All of the refreshers are caffeinated, and all the teas except for the passion tea. And most importantly, vanilla sweet cream is made with a ton of heavy cream, a ton of vanilla, and a ton of 2%. So if you’re lactose intolerant, let me know what else you want to know,” she says, adding in the. caption, “What else did I miss?”

In the comments section, commenters chimed in with their own alleged Starbucks ingredients facts.

“There is dairy in the cinnamon dulce topping” one commenter shared.

“Barista here! THE PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE ALSO HAS DAIRY.” another pointed out.

“The chai concentrate also contains honey so an iced chai with oat milk isn’t vegan,” a third added.

One commenter appeared to contradict Danielle, claiming other gluten-free items exist on the menu. “Perfect bars, marshmallow cream bars, bacon egg bites, and the egg white ones are all gluten free! not sure about the kale though,” they said.

This resulted in Danielle making a follow-up TikTok to respond to the commenter. In it, she conceded that the bacon egg bites are gluten-free but pointed out there’s still a risk of cross-contamination. She says, “The same tongs are used for all the food. So if you don’t like meat, the meat is probably touching your pastry.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Danielle and Starbucks via email.

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