Staples employees with caption 'Who hired this lady In the Red. She isn't even the manager and says...'


‘I honestly don’t really want to deal with that right now’: Customer calls out Staples employee for being ‘too hectic’

‘She’s on a power trip??’


Cecilia Lenzen


A viral TikTok video showing a Staples employee being called out at work has viewers laughing at how she tried to save herself.

Posted by user Amber (@amber.7775), the video racked up 8.6 million views as of Monday. Amber questions who hired the employee, who is seen wearing a red shirt, in the clip’s text overlay. Her manager is also seen in the video wearing a gray shirt.

In the video, the manager is talking to the customer, Amber, trying to clarify their order. The employee cuts in, correcting the manager on the quantity the customer ordered. The manager calmly corrects her, stating they can see what the order is from the receipt or ticket. She shows the employee what the order is on a computer screen.

“OK so, irregardless, if she’s asking for six on one page, if we’re listening to what she’s saying, that means that theoretically, she’s asking for one poster,” the employee says, holding up one of the posters as she tries to explain to the manager. “Look how tiny it is. If she’s asking it for 1.5, which is what she paid for, I’m doing her the benefit of printing it bigger.”

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The employee continues her confusing explanation of different sized posters and why she thinks the customer is benefitting from her changing the order. At that point, the customer cuts in to correct her and explain what she wanted.

The employee then smirks and says “OK,” before showing the customer which posters she’ll print.

The customer ignores the employee and asks the manager if she can just resolve this with her because the employee wasn’t understanding the issue. At that, the employee appears to get defensive, saying she has to finish her work of cutting the posters “irregardless.”

“No I understand, but you’re being too hectic, and I honestly don’t really want to deal with that right now,” the customer says to the employee.

“OK so we can just cancel the order,” the employee quickly replies.

The manager cuts in then, shaking her head at the employee and saying, “No, Sam, no,” before the video ends.

Most viewers seemed to side with the customer, agreeing the employee was too hectic. Some noted her repeated use of the words “irregardless” and “theoretically.”

“irregardless… theoretically… she’s just talking,” one viewer commented.

“This girl using all types of words wrong lol,” a second said.

“She lost me at irregardless,” a third added.

Others argued that the manager seems like she’s had to deal with the employee’s antics before.

“Based off the lady in gray, she has to deal with Sams bs constantly,” one TikTok user wrote.

“‘No, Sam, no’ she’s definitely done this before,” another user shared.

Someone else joked, “she’s like ‘sam…. babe come on…. this is the 10th time today.’”

Some viewers had their theories for why the employee was acting so “hectic.”

“She probably lost her vape during break,” one viewer guessed.

“She’s on a power trip??” someone else suggested.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Staples via email.

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