Spanish policewoman allegedly reprimanded, suspended for taking ‘menstruation break’


A policewoman for Spain’s Guardia Civil paramilitary police was allegedly harassed by a lieutenant officer because she was menstruating while on duty.

According to the Local, the Spanish policewoman says she was forced to stop the patrol car and rush to the bathroom after she began menstruating suddenly. Her fellow officer, who was on duty with her in the car, scolded her for taking the five to 10-minute break. According to one witness, the lieutenant told the policewoman not to “tell fibs,” and that she should “go to the toilet before or after patrol, not during.”

The policewoman was suspended for two days along with a fine. She has since filed a complaint and requested a hearing with her captain. She alleges that her superior officer harassed her at work, whereas he still believes he was justified in talking down to her for going to the bathroom on short notice.

Ironically enough, the incident happened on March 8th: International Women’s Day.


Ana Valens

Ana Valens

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