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‘I love the tea’: Sonic drive-thru worker forgets to turn off headset, unknowingly spills workplace drama to customer

‘I would’ve sat there all night and listened.’


Melody Heald


In a viral TikTok, a Sonic worker forgot to turn off his headset, unknowingly spilling the beans about workplace drama to a TikToker.

User Calee Bowen (@caleebowen) filmed herself in her car at the Sonic drive-thru, recording a conversation one of the employees was having through the speaker. In the text overlay, Bowen shares how a “guy at sonic left his headset on.” It’s obvious the worker forgot to turn off his headset and ranted about how “Trinity” left early. 

“It shouldn’t be this bad. I don’t know what Trinity was thinking about leaving early,” the worker says through the speaker. He continues complaining about presumably his co-worker before taking another order.

According to the caption, Bowen, “eventually told him but [she] thought it was funny.”


i eventually told him but i thought it was funny

♬ original sound – calee

The video racked up over 60,000 views since it was posted on Oct. 10 with many people entertained by the gossip, a few claiming they would’ve recorded the entire conversation.

“Oh I would’ve sat there all night and listened that’s my entertainment for the day,” one viewer said.

“I would’ve listened to the entire convo lol I love the tea,” a second agreed.

Some of them even said they would’ve chimed in on the gossip.

“Lol I wouldn’t have said a thing and agreed with him about the tea when he came out to give the food,” one wrote.

“The way i would’ve chimed in on the tea,” a second said.

Other people who worked in fast food shared their experiences with leaving their headsets on for the customers in the drive-thru to hear.

“One time i pressed the wrong button and said “fuck this shit” out the speaker,” one person shared.

“I forgot to turn mine off too and i said “where tf did everybody go” so loud,” a second commented.

“The amount of times I’ve done this and been like ‘oops I’m talking outside,’” a third stated.

“I used to work at culvers and I left the headset on too many times,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Calee Bowen for comment via TikTok comment and to Sonic via email.

Update 2:59pm CT Oct. 15, 2022: According to Bowen, this took place at a Sonic in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She told the Daily Dot the conversation between the two Sonic employees lasted about 3 minutes before she told him the mic was on.

‘This has never happened before,” she said via Instagram direct message. “At first, the worker kind of paused for a second and then I didn’t know if he knew or not what I was trying to tell him because he kept asking me if he already took my order.

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