Black Woman wearing white proud shirt; kid buy in at target.


‘Karen and Ken texted the team group chat and put themselves on blast hating on me’: Soccer mom mocked, called slur for wearing Pride gear at son’s game

‘Your response was classy.’


Tricia Crimmins


A woman says she overheard parents of her son’s soccer teammates making “snide comments” about her. In a text, the parents called her “cunty” and mocked her for wearing Pride apparel.

In a TikTok posted last week, @ali.momof3 says that while she was watching her son at soccer practice, she overheard other parents commenting on her rainbow Pride T-shirt and sunglasses.

Then, she received a message in the soccer parents’ group chat saying that the “cunty mom showed up to practice in her proud pride gear”—a text that was about her and not meant to be sent to the group chat.

“Yes I did,” @ali.momof3 responded. “How exactly does my attire have anything to do with you?”

The parent responded with an apology and said that her “talk to text turned on in her pocket and picked up my husband’s comment in the car.”

The TikToker responded that she would hold her tongue to keep the chat soccer-related and took her kids to Target to get them more Pride gear.

“Karen and Ken texted the team group chat and put themselves on blast hating on me,” @ali.momof3 wrote in her video’s caption. “So we got some retail therapy.”

On Monday, her TikTok had over 4.7 million views.

@ali.momof3 #Karen and #Ken texted the #teamgroupchat and put themselves on blast hating on me. So we got some retail therapy @target #hatersgonnahate #rude #homophobic🤢 #happypride #lgbtq🏳️‍🌈 #Target ♬ Don't Stop Me Now Remastered 2011

In a follow-up TikTok, @ali.momof3 says that the parent texted her individually to apologize.

“My husband and I have very different opinions and beliefs in that aspect,” the parent wrote. “I would never put that in a message intentionally and have no idea how my phone was unlocked and able to do that. I think your kid is amazing and that’s obviously a reflection of you.”

@ali.momof3 says she didn’t respond to the text. She told the Daily Dot in a TikTok message that she hasn’t heard from the parent again.

She also painted a reusable cup that says “That Cunty Mom” to drink from at an upcoming game for her son’s soccer team, but the parents who sent the ignorant text didn’t show up.

Commenters on @ali.momof3’s initial video commended her for her response to the prejudice.

“As a former coach and team manager, that family would be removed from the team immediately,” @courtneyallison55 commented. “Your response was classy and the respect you drip is 15/10.”

“You handled that so much better than most would,” @epods7 wrote. “I bet there are kids seeing your pride gear who feel safe and accepted bc of it.”

Others posited that there was no way the malicious message was a speech-to-text mishap: It contained ellipses and an emoji.

“Talk to text doesn’t work like that, they’re caught!” @sarahoyrealestate commented.

“Her talk to text added the periods and emojis??” @mommamerold wrote. “Weird mines not that intuitive.”

@ali.momof3 told the Daily Dot in a TikTok message that “the best part of this emotionally draining experience has been the outpouring of kindness, empathy, and generosity from complete strangers.”

“That is part of what makes the LGBTQ community so incredibly special,” @ali.momof3 said. “It’s a community that loves wholeheartedly and asks for so little.”

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