Adorable kids in Madagascar use Snapchat for the first time

While on a serious trip to Madagascar this week to raise money for endangered lemurs, Mike Corey also made time for some fun—specifically Snapchat fun with the locals.

During Corey’s two weeks in Madagascar filming the lemurs for a fundraiser, he got to know some of the people on the island. When he whipped out his phone and opened up Snapchat, he was able to delight the local children with the various filters the app began offering last year. 

“So many laughs, and seeing their reaction to being turned into a dog or a chameleon is priceless,” Corey wrote in his video’s caption.

Corey traveled to Madagascar as part of a project with CrowdRise to raise $10,000 for lemurs, specifically the Greater Bamboo Lemur. (At present, the project has raised more than $11,000.) There are only 500 left in the entire country, and the money raised for the project focuses on protecting the largest cluster of them.

Let’s be honest: An adorable kid and lemur face-swap would be the ultimate Madagascar Snapchat move.

Screengrab via Mike Corey/YouTube

Marisa Kabas

Marisa Kabas

Marisa Kabas is a lifestyle reporter and activist. Her work has been published by Fusion, Fast Company, and Today. She’s also served as an editorial campaigns director for Purpose PBC, a social movement incubator.