Woman with short stature shares difficulty of finding clothes that fit her


‘Clothing is not accessible’: Woman with short stature shares difficulty of finding clothes that fit her

'This need has been around. I'm not the first short person to exist.'


Tricia Crimmins


Posted on Oct 5, 2023   Updated on Oct 9, 2023, 12:43 pm CDT

A woman of short stature talks about how inaccessible it is to find clothes that fit her—and are made to last—in a series of viral videos.

In a TikTok posted on Sept. 19, Lylli Stapper, who is a person of short stature, says that buying clothes that fit her body is incredibly expensive because she has to get her clothes tailored. And even though she can wear children’s shoes, which are cheaper, the shoes aren’t made to last.

“‘Your clothes must be so cheap ’cause you get to buy kids shoes and stuff,'” Stapper says, an example of the type of comments people make to her. She counters, “No! It’s more expensive.”

On Thursday, Stapper’s video had almost 9 million views.

@lyllistapper i just wanna be able to go vroooooom. #short ♬ sonido original – Joaquín Sebastián Amaya

Stapper made another TikTok showing a comment she received on her viral video—”then grow”—to further emphasize her point that many people don’t understand how difficult it is for her to find clothes that fit.

“I’ve tried,” Stapper wrote in her TikTok’s caption, concerning growing. “Doesn’t work.”

In another TikTok, Stapper explains that though she can alter her clothes herself, the fashion industry should be more inclusive and make clothes for people of short stature.

“I do not have the time—nor do I want to—go in and alter every item that I have to perfectly make it fit my body,” Stapper says. “Clothing is not accessible.”

Nor does she want to start her own clothing company.

“This need has been around,” Stapper says in another TikTok. “I’m not the first short person to exist.”

Commenters on Stapper’s initial video about her clothing said that her remarks resonated.

“I have a type of dwarfism (silver Russell syndrome) but mildly,” one commenter wrote. “I’m 5ft but I FEEL THIS.”

“I feel you on the shoe thing,” another commenter said. “I wear a 3 or 4 in little girls. They always fall apart so fast.”

“Literally all facts,” another wrote. “I’m a little person.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Stapper via email.

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*First Published: Oct 5, 2023, 3:27 pm CDT