Sandra Bullock drops some nose-picking knowledge on New Orleans graduates

Big-name speakers are regularly part of college commencements, but when one speaks at a high school graduation, it’s usually more of a shock to those in attendance.

Sandra Bullock surprised the seniors graduating from New Orleans’s Warren Easton Charter High School with a speech of her own before they got their diplomas. Her son Louis is from New Orleans, and Warren Easton is a school she’s supported in the past after it was damaged by Hurricane Katrina, so the appearance wasn’t completely out of left field for her.

She offered both practical and wise advice, both the sort of things she’s told her son about the real world, which included the profound, “Do not pick your nose in public.” It was also full of real-world tips such as to stop worrying about the unknown.

“Go find your joy,” she said. “Are you going to have a good day, or are you going to have a great day? Because it’s completely up to you.”

H/T Hitfix | Photo by gage skidmore/flick (CC By 2.0)

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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