Video shows men trying to push ‘kid’ off a San Francisco Muni train

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A video that went viral this week shows two older men trying to wrangle a younger man off a San Francisco Muni train for playing music too loud, BuzzFeed News reports.

One video shows the aggressor pinning the young man onto a bench and holding him in a headlock as an onlooker yells, “He’s just a kid.” The man responds, “That’s fine, tell him to stop, I’ve got no problem.”

A second video shows the young man yelling “stop” and grabbing onto the doors as the two older men attempt to push him from the train. Independent reporter Anna Sterling tweeted the footage of the incident on Thursday.

“He easily could’ve hit oncoming traffic,” she wrote, later adding, “He’s just a kid. This is not okay.”

BuzzFeed News reports that a spokesperson for Muni said the videos are “very disturbing” and that the transportation agency is cooperating with a police investigation.

A law enforcement spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that several witnesses called to report the incident. After police arrived, they spoke to two of the males from the video, but “neither party chose to press charges.” The third person had already left the scene.

Police said they had requested surveillance footage from San Francisco MTA to learn more about what happened before the altercation.

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Kris Seavers

Kris Seavers

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