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This Russian startup wants you to advertise your business on boobs

For just $7.50, you can use a woman's body as a way to advertise your business. #Feminism!


Myles Tanzer


Posted on Apr 6, 2015   Updated on May 29, 2021, 3:39 am CDT

Tittygram is a new Russian startup that lets you advertise your business on a pair of breasts. For the equivalent of about $7.50, you can now have a voluptuous Russian woman write a message of your choice on her boobs.

According to a rough translation of the website, it’s not very hard to become a model for Tittygram. All you have to do is text a picture of your breasts to the company with the hashtag “#Tittygram.” The company boasts that models can earn as much as $100 a day, simply by flashing their breasts covered in advertising spam.

Most of the reaction to Tittygram on Twitter has been positive, with lots of men calling the service “terrific,” “necessary,” and “the best.” Vocativ, however, observed that there does seem to be some dissent on this point, with one woman noting that Tittygram was “Especially ironic when the same people ‘like’ this and “there’s no sexism in Russia” posts on FB[Facebook].”

Like almost all startups, Tittygram is an old idea taken to new heights via a flashy website and a better payment system.

In November 2013, the Croatian Times wrote about a Czech woman who was charging about $7.50 for messages on one breast, with a $9.00 special for ads on the full set. The Times quotes her website’s instructions (written on her boobs, of course), as saying, “Send me your message and I’ll send you a pic with it written on my breasts.”

There’s also this Facebook group called “Write Your Message In Boobs,” which seems to function as a quasi-open marketplace for boobs to be used as advertising space. The posts on the page mostly look like this:

And of course, Russians have a well-established history of using boobs in advertising. 

In 2014, an advertising agency used the image of a bare-breasted woman on trucks to show off its new high-definition ads on vehicles. It was widely reported that the ads were “blamed for more than 500 traffic accidents in one day.”

The ads were reportedly corralled by members of the Moscow police force, who hoped to stop the havoc that the trucks were wreaking on their fair city. There’s a lesson to be learned from this: Using a woman’s body as a platform for advertising will end up making you look like a total boob. 

H/T Vocativ | Screengrab via Tittygram/YouTube

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*First Published: Apr 6, 2015, 1:44 pm CDT