woman secretly takes video of couple fighting over a gaming chair in ross tiktok

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‘Go get a J-O-B. That’s my answer’: Woman secretly films couple at Ross arguing over gaming chair

‘Smart. She knew he’d never get off the gaming chair.’


Brooke Sjoberg


A woman’s video capturing an exchange between two people at her local Ross has viewers invested in how the drama played out.

Posted by @jazzylopez209, the video shows a man and woman arguing about a gaming chair in one of the aisles of the store. “I’m at Ross, and I just can’t help myself listen to this couple’s conversation,” @jazzylopez209 begins as she films herself.

She then starts secretly filming a couple arguing in the next aisle. The man argues that he needs the “comfortable”-looking chair and that it’s “only $40.” “Go get a J-O-B. That’s my answer,” the woman responds.

“This generation these days,” the text overlay on @jazzylopez209’s video, which garnered nearly 160,000 times, reads.

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In the comments section, viewers expressed that they hope the woman leaves the man and shared their own similar experiences with current or past partners.

“Seriously,” one said. “My ex wanted everything and I was the only one paying bills, food, gas and extras all while his cousins stayed in my townhome. Then complain.”

Others suggested @jazzylopez209 might have the duo’s dynamic wrong due to the way they spoke to each other.

“You sure it wasn’t mom and son?” one questioned. “Because I’m a young mom, my son is 15 but looks much older and he’s always asking me for things like this at Ross.”

In a follow-up, @jazzylopez209 says she didn’t think the video would go as viral as it did and that she filmed and posted the incident “for shits and giggles.”

“I just had to record—just because it was super funny,” she says.

She then urges the couple to come forward to share their sides of the story following multiple viewer requests.

The Daily Dot reached out to @jazzylopez209 via TikTok comment.

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