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Photo via George Kot

It’s obviously easy to make your hair look like flowers.

The internet is a great place for step-by-step beauty tutorials, so let’s learn how to make our hair look like a perfect rose. So simple!

The video shows the work of Abkhazian hair stylist George Kot, who says in his biography that, due to the horrors of the Georgian-Abkhaz War, he wanted to make Abkhazian women beautiful (at least that’s what it seems like from Google Translate). He has opened his own hair salon and training center, and also provides video lessons on how to do some of his complicated hairstyles.

However, most of these are totally easy. Like this one. Just tie your hair in a bow, right? No problem!

Still too hard? OK, we’ll explain an easier one. Start off with perfect hair. Then, uhhh, make it bigger? Like a big donut, but with sort of little spiky bits. Then braid something near it.


A video posted by Георгий Кот (@georgiykot) on

You still don’t get it, huh? We’ll break it down. Step 1: Turn your hair into a teeny hat. Step 2: Voila!

Wow, you must be really bad at this.

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