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Dating site matches users based on what they read on Reddit

Can someone from r/starwars and someone from r/startrek find love together?


Rae Votta


Dating sites claim to find you your most best matches, but if those sites don’t take into account your Reddit history, are they really doing their job?

Two months ago, Redditor TeaStainsAndTobacco suggested a Reddit-based dating site in r/Lightbulb:

Think about it: There are so many obscure niches out there that have subreddit communities dedicated to them. Instead of meeting a girl on Tinder who “likes movies” – I’d much rather be matched with someone who is a member of /r/TrueFilm and /r/CineShots.

Redditor C14L took that idea to heart and built, a service that allows people to log in with their Reddit account and find potential romantic matches based on the subreddits to which they subscribe.

“I’m scared of what sick twisted freak out there has the same viewing habits as me,” redditor TulsaOUfan wrote in the announcement thread.

There is, of course, already a subreddit dedicated to questions about Redddate, full of suggestions for how to improve the service. There have been no true love matches so far for the 10,000 or so users of the site, but it’s only been online since last week. Time will tell if the couple that Reddits together, stays together.

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