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This extremely supportive group wants to help you find A Bra That Fits

One subreddit's quest to help women defeat the back pain and migrating tissue associated with wearing the wrong bra size for too many years.


Gaby Dunn


Posted on Jun 6, 2013   Updated on Jun 1, 2021, 2:02 pm CDT

Turns out even being a woman for 25 years doesn’t qualify one to know how to properly wear a bra. That’s what I found out today reading the extremely helpful, extremely supportive subreddit r/ABraThatFits

The subreddit features extensive information, guides, photos, and graphs so women facing back pain, red marks, migrating breast tissue, and other issues can finally find a bra that truly fits. 

There is so much information here, it’s really outstanding. Did you know there’s a right and wrong way to put on a bra? r/ABraThatFits advocates the “swoop and scoop.” There are also different kinds of breasts which best fit different bras, as well as brands that have different size ratios than others, so knowing you’re a 32B is useless if you don’t know what that means from one brand to the next. You can also measure yourself to know what size you generally are, but there are also sister sizes you may fit into as well. Just perusing the subreddit, I’ve already learned so much—including that the fitting I got at Victoria’s Secret two years ago probably doesn’t hold up and that my bra might be contributing to my tight shoulders.

Goddamnit, being a woman is hard. 

It’s awesome to see such a thorough, positive subreddit having to do with breasts that isn’t being needlessly sexualized. After all, breasts are just bags of fat we’ve got to carry around in pretty, lacy undergarments because patriarchy or something. If you’re frustrated, head to r/ABraThatFits and enter the wonderful world of people who know way more about bras and boobs than you do.

Photo via The Lingerie Addict/Flickr

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*First Published: Jun 6, 2013, 8:13 am CDT