queer eye's karamo brown


Karamo Brown vows to advocate for ‘Queer Eye’ fans over closed captioning

Brown says he ‘won’t stop until something changes.’


Audra Schroeder


Fans of Netflix‘s Queer Eye who are deaf or hard of hearing are raising issues about the show’s captioning. And Queer Eye culture expert Karamo Brown has vowed to do something about it.

The issue seems to stem from Netflix’s captioning often changing the words in subtitles, either when there’s profanity or to make sentences more concise. Several viewers posted their frustrations about trying to engage with the show.



Brown stepped into the conversation to let fans know that he’s going to “bring up this issue internally” with Netflix and that he “won’t stop until something changes.”

Another commenter mentioned that the season 2 episode about a trans man used the wrong gender pronouns in the subtitles.

This issue doesn’t appear to be unique to just Queer Eye; there are apparently captioning issues with other Netflix series and movies too. We’ve reached out to Netflix for comment.

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