Qdoba cup filled with coke in car (l) Qdoba sign on building entrance (c) Qdoba tip cup filled with coke in car (r)

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‘This is literally the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done in my life’: Customer accidentally uses Qdoba worker’s tip cup to get her Coke

'New fear unlocked.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Feb 22, 2023

Sometimes when our brains are on auto-pilot, we can easily fall into the habit of mindlessly performing tasks, only for us to realize our mistakes after the fact.

A TikToker, Madi (@madicelina), shared her embarrassment in a video that’s received over 1.1 million views after mistakenly grabbing a Qdoba employee’s tips cup to use for her soda—only to realize when she brought the beverage into her car that she nabbed the empty cup on the counter reserved for gratuities.

“This is literally the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done in my life. You think it’s just a nice coke from Qdoba?” Madi questioned before turning the cup around to show the words “TIPS” written in black marker on the side of the cup. “Yep, think again. It’s, it’s their tip cup filled with coke.”

@madicelina Live laugh love. Just my luck ✨ #qdobamexicangrill #stupid @qdobamexicaneats ♬ original sound – Madi

The Daily Dot has reached out to Madi via TikTok comment and Qdoba via email.

According to Skill Path, “having brain farts is just part of being human,” but why does it happen? It all has to do with muscle memory. “Studies indicate that our brains conserve energy when we’re doing something repetitive. These little breaks happen right before the memory lapse,” Skill Path reported.

TikTokers who saw Madi’s post empathized with her, expressing their second-hand embarrassment and noting it could happen to anyone. One viewer said Madi’s experience “unlocked” a “new fear” for them. Another wrote that they had hoped “it wasn’t yesterday’s tip cup.”

When someone else point-blank asked Madi how this could have happened, she responded with a simple explanation: “Me not paying attention”

And in case you’re reading this and wondering if she did drink from the cup before realizing it was a tips cup, Madi said she did.

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*First Published: Feb 22, 2023, 2:44 pm CST