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Why every programmer should master Python

This general purpose language is a must for any coding resume.


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Posted on Jul 16, 2017   Updated on May 22, 2021, 11:44 pm CDT

Any aspiring programmer or current developer looking to move up in the ranks of their current organization should add Python to their resume. Why? Python is a general purpose language that sets a solid foundation for the baseline logic behind all programmatic languages.

Beyond that, Python is:

1. Easy to learn

Python is an easily readable language, and it has fewer rules and special cases. That means that even beginners can start to write elegant, functional code.

2. It’s been around for decades

Python’s maturity as a language means that users have been figuring out new methodologies for its use and debugging it for years.

3. It’s the most commonly used language for data science

If you’re interested in analytics, Python is the way to go: it’s currently the most popular language to use in conjunction with with data science.

4. It’s highly versatile

Python’s been around for a while – more than two decades, in fact. That means there’s a vast variety of applications you could use Python for, including nearly every software development or operations scenario you can think of.

That includes local and cloud infrastructures, website development, SQL databases, small customized tools, object-oriented design and even AI. With its multitude of uses, Python is the perfect language for any developer to have in their arsenal of skills.

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If you’re looking to learn Python, a perfect place to start is the Python Programming Bootcamp 2.0. It includes 37 hours of training and nine different courses, all specializing in various Python applications.We break it down for you below:

Fast Track Python for Newbies

This crash course teaches you the fundamentals of Python in two sittings.

Learn Python Image Processing by Making Instagram-Style Filters

It’s extremely popular for apps to use filter. With this course, you’ll learn how to use Python to create the same type of filters you see on Instagram and Snapchat.

Create a Raspberry Pi Smart Security Camera with Python

This course teaches you how to build a fully-functional smart security camera with Python. Get hands-on practice as you use Python to detect movement in video footage and execute an action, like sending out an email or SMS message.

Master Data Visualization with Python

This course teaches you how to visualize data using the Python library, Matplotlib.

The Complete Python Programming Boot Camp: Beginner to Advanced

Master different Python fundamentals and statements in Python with this course that walks you through beginner to advanced concepts.

Learn Python with 70+ Exercises

Get hands-on practice with Python with this course, which is ideal for beginners trying to pick up the code.

Python Programming for Beginners: Learn Python in One Day

This example-driven course gives you a deeper understanding of the language – and best of all, you can complete it in just a day.

Machine Learning with Python

AI is the future of technology, and with this course you’ll learn how to apply Python to machine learning.

Python for Finance: Investment Fundamentals & Data Analytics

Python is especially useful for finance as it has powerful analytical and predictive modeling capabilities. With this course, you can join a powerful subset of accounting or make a difference in your own financial portfolio.

Get a holistic breakdown of Python with these comprehensive courses: Python Programming Bootcamp 2.0 is available for $39 from the Daily Dot Store.

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*First Published: Jul 16, 2017, 2:00 pm CDT