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Girl’s surprise prom entrance is like ‘Sleeping Beauty’ in an ambulance

Prom has been won.

Mar 1, 2020, 1:32 am*



Myles Tanzer

Prom just isn’t what it used to be. This year’s prom season, in fact, began with a bunch of racism. Earnest teen affection prevailed in the end, and we saw the most insanely beautiful afrocentric gown of all time and a straight boy showing his gay best friend the meaning of love. But the 2015 prom season is pretty much over now, because this couple has clearly won it.

This girl has definitely watched a lot of My Super Sweet 16. She knows that nothing is more permanent than a grand entrance. The tweet above went viral over the weekend, racking up 6,000 retweets, which is proof that prom truly runs the Internet from April to June.

But let’s break down this entrance step by step.

An ambulance pulls up outside of prom and a girl in a gown—who is she?—is wheeled out on a stretcher. She’s gorgeous in her perfect white dress. She’s also dead (RIP).

Then her date approaches her. He’s wearing a tux. He slowly plants a kiss on her lovely cheek. 


Forget Snow White—this girl is our new Disney princess. This is absolute slayage brought to you by magic and beauty. She should work as a creative director for every show on Broadway.

Screengrab via SpencerAlthouse/Twitter

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*First Published: Jun 15, 2015, 2:05 pm