Popeye's customer grabbing sauce from counter (l) Popeye's employee on phone (c) Popeye's customer throwing sauce at employee (r)


‘ALL THAT FOR A SAUCE AND STILL WALKED OUT WITH NO SAUCE’: Popeyes customer throws sauce at employee

'Give me another sauce.'


Cecilia Lenzen


Posted on Nov 9, 2022

A viral TikTok video shows a heated altercation between a Popeyes customer demanding extra sauce and an employee refusing to give it to her.

Another customer, Eboni (@theebonik), a bystander to the incident, recorded the argument and posted it on TikTok, where it garnered nearly one million views as of Wednesday. In the video, the angry customer is seen yelling at a Popeyes cashier.

“I need an extra sauce—you’re at the front of the store, right?” the customer yells. The employee replies something unintelligible, and the customer snaps back, “So where’s the sign to indicate that? Where’s the sign to indicate there is not only one sauce you can get? Give me another sauce.”

The employee calmly tells the customer he already gave her another sauce for free. It appears that the customer had ordered from Popeyes online and requested more sauce than she received with her order. The customer denies that she received any sauce for free and insists that she ordered it online.

@theebonik All for extra sauce 😫 #viral #popeyes #angrycustomer #fastfoodfight ♬ original sound – E B O N I

“Give me the sauce. What the fuck is wrong with you?” the customer says.

Eboni then chimes in, urging the employee to “just give her the sauce.” At that point, the customer seems to give up and tosses another sauce onto the counter for the customer.

Immediately, the customer grabs the sauce and throws it in the employee’s face, where it appears to burst on him.

“Don’t fucking throw shit at me, bitch,” the customer snaps.

The employee does not respond to the customer but instead reaches for the store phone, presumably to call the police. Then the customer walks out of the store, telling the employee to call 911 because that’s all he can do. The two continue snapping at each other as she exits, and the employee calls her a “motherfucker.”

Viewers had mixed reactions to the argument. Some commenters said the customer overreacted while others said the employee should have just given her the sauce to avoid the situation.

“She did all that for a sauce..to get the sauce..and end up with no sauce,” one viewer commented disapprovingly about the customer.

“ALL THAT FOR A SAUCE AND STILL WALKED OUT WITH NO SAUCE,” a second viewer commented in all caps.

A third wrote, “Nah because once you start yelling at me I’m not engaging.”

Some said the employee shouldn’t have cared so much about giving the customer an extra sauce.

“Dude is really trying to make it to management [laughing emoji],” one user joked.

Another user wrote in defense of the employee, “Nahh it’s not him…it be the managers that be on their a$$ about giving away all the sauce.”

Multiple viewers pointed out that many fast-food restaurant workers are discouraged from and even reprimanded for giving customers extra sauce without making them pay for it.

The Daily Dot reached out to Eboni via TikTok comment and to Restaurant Brands International, the company that represents Popeyes, via email.

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*First Published: Nov 9, 2022, 4:09 pm CST