Plated meal kits make delicious, shareable food a cinch

Cook delicious meals and polish your skills without breaking a sweat.


Jaime Carrillo


Presented by Plated

As back-to-school season revs up, buying a bucket of greasy chicken or a third-tier takeaway pizza can seem like a godsend. Don’t succumb to the siren song of the drive-thru. Sign up for Plated instead and cook yourself a delicious, satisfying meal in the amount of time it takes to watch a Golden Girls rerun.

Eating out might have its own appeal—but nothing beats the taste of a home-cooked meal. Plus, Plated makes eating well a snap! This meal delivery service has perfected dinnertime with globally inspired, chef-designed menus that even fledging cooks can follow with ease. You can even customize your servings, whether you’re cooking for yourself or your entire family. So take the (home)work out of dinner and get 40% off your first 2 weeks of deliveries with Plated (terms apply: click here for details).

Each kit comes with precisely measured ingredients, so you can feel like a pro in your kitchen without having to clean all those tiny bowls. That means far less prep time, far less clean up, and all-in-all, more control when it comes to dinnertime. And did we mention less food waste?

Plated is focused on the quality of its meal kits–which is why it offers seasonal produce, meats raised without antibiotics, and artisanal specialty items. Plus, instructions are clearly illustrated and super easy to follow—even for those who get dizzy just making a bowl of cereal.

Plated’s chefs break down complex recipes without sacrificing five-star taste and aesthetics. After all, what’s the use of making a fancy meal if you can’t post it afterward? With every recipe, you’ll master new skills, and become a better cook without even knowing it.

Plated offers 20 chef-designed recipes every week (including two desserts), so you’ll never get bored of their diverse choices. Dishes draw inspiration from cuisines around the world, and menus include options for every manner of diet. There are even options to cook on either the stovetop or your grill.

Plated’s menu items change from week to week, with recipes like goat cheese-crusted pork chops with peach salad and raspberry vinaigrette, and cheeseburger pretzel sliders that take the drive-in classic to new heights. Then there’s cashew chicken with bok choy and garlic rice, which changed the way we look at takeout forever. And every great memory deserves a sweet ending. Peach and raspberry cobbler with whipped sour cream can be the proverbial cherry on top of dinner.

Best of all, Plated is offering Daily Dot readers a special discount. Use promo code DAILYDOT40 and get 40% off your first two weeks (terms apply: click here for details). And don’t worry—if you want to adjust how often you get delicious dinners delivered to your door, you can skip weeks or cancel anytime.


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