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Family sends pizza guy to check on Grandma after hurricane

When all else fails, call Papa John’s.


Jessica Machado


When a family couldn’t reach their grandmother in Palm Beach, Florida, during Hurricane Matthew, they got creative and ordered her a pizza. 

Eric Olsen of Nebraska says he talked to his 87-year-old grandma, Claire Olsen, on Friday after she had already lost power. But when he and his family—who are spread out across various states—reached out over the next two days, they weren’t able to get through. He said he even called the local police department, but no one picked up. 

That’s when he had the ingenious idea to send the pizza guy over. 

Papa John’s arrived in 30 minutes. Olsen said he had left instructions for the delivery man to call him and put Claire on the phone to ensure she was safe. Claire told ABC affiliate WFTV that she had “weathered her share of hurricanes” before, but the whole delivery-dude-putting-a-cellphone-to-her-ear thing was a first. 

And in case you were wondering, she also thought the pepperoni pie was “fantastic.”

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