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‘A literal scam’: Woman shows off ‘overpriced’ bracelet at Claire’s

“They really out here ripping these kids off."


Jackie Ibarra


Posted on Nov 28, 2023

In a viral video, a woman invites people to guess the price of a fake cubic zirconia bracelet from Claire’s — the answer has viewers shocked, calling the bracelet overpriced. 

The video, with 214,600 views, starts with TikTok creator Erin Dieheart (@erindieheart) showing the camera a bracelet that’s labeled as cubic zirconia from Claire’s, a jewelry store marketed to children and tweens. 

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“I just want you to look at this,” Dieheart says in her video. “Look at this.”

As Dieheart brings the bracelet closer to the camera, she shows the holes drilled into the fake diamonds for the ringlets. As she continues to show off the bracelet, she explains that while the bracelet “is not Swarovski,” a high-end jewelry company, she still wants viewers to guess the price of the bracelet. 

“I bet you didn’t think that this was gonna cost $30. Let me get on up out of here,” she says while tossing the bracelet back on the counter. 

Since its opening in 1961, Claire’s has been a legacy in malls across the United States. Besides jewelry, Claire’s was also known for piercings and infamous sales, such as their “10 for 10” sale, which offers 10 items for 10 dollars. 

However, the prices in 2023 have left commenters in just as much shock as Dieheart.

“Claire’s prices have been getting ridiculous in the past 2-3 years,” one user commented.

“My first thought was $5….The hell with all that,” another wrote.

Others reminisced about the prices from earlier time periods. 

“Omg back in my day that would be $5.25,” one person wrote. 

“I remember when they had their 10 for $10 sale,” another person commented. 

In a follow-up video responding to a comment about the “scam” of pricing, Dieheart shared more products from Claire’s, showing the price of a bow and a sketchbook for the same price of $30. 

“They really out here ripping these kids off,” Dieheart says in her follow-up. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Dieheart via TikTok direct message and Claire’s via email. 

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*First Published: Nov 28, 2023, 1:03 pm CST