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14-year-old girl has the best responses for guys who don’t want to wear condoms

This is far preferable to abstinence.


Marisa Kabas


Teens don’t get a whole lot of credit for being smart, but one 14-year-old girl has proven that she’s wise beyond her years with her impeccable answers to a sex education test.

Most sexually active women have been in the situation where the guy they’re sleeping with doesn’t want to wear a condom. When I’m in this situation, my standard response is, “Oh, OK, do you want to have a baby with me?” This girl, however, has really upped the ante.

It’s really hard to choose which response is best. I’m partial to “Go fuck yourself” and “I don’t have my vagina with me.” But honestly, they’re all equally brilliant.

Instead of teaching abstinence to students, just print out a poster-sized version of these answers. Your teens will be just fine.

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