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This sensor tool makes matching paints a breeze

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So, you check out a friend’s wall. You like the color. Maybe you want to use it in a painting, find the makeup equivalent, or even use it on your own walls. But you just can’t figure out how to duplicate it, or what to call it. Not a problem: The Nix Pro Color Sensor will help you identify exactly what pigment it is.

The Nix Pro Color Sensor is a portable device that improves upon the previous Nix Mini Color Sensor. All you need to do is scan any color surface, save it to your smart device, and match it to any color the color library.

But what if light creates an illusion (like that dress the internet was arguing about)? Not a problem. The Nix Pro Color Sensor blocks out ambient light so even when your eyes are fooled, the device isn’t. Plus, you can import custom color libraries, if the tens of thousands of paint colors aren’t enough. You can even use the tool to conduct color comparisons!

Never argue over paint colors (or internet dresses) again: get the Nix Pro Color Sensor for $249 from the Daily Dot store, reduced from the usual price of $349.

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