girl smears lipstick as she tells story of joining book club of cheating boy's girlfriend's mom tiktok

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‘Lost a man gained some book recs’: Woman says she joined book club belonging to cheating ex’s mom

‘We were all in on it together.’


Tricia Crimmins


Posted on Oct 3, 2022

A woman says that she joined the book club belonging to the mother of the woman with whom her boyfriend cheated on her—so she could see her boyfriend at the woman’s house.

Michelle (@michellefromsomewhere) posted a TikTok on Sept. 11 in which she says that after finding out her boyfriend cheated on her, she found the “girl he cheated with’s mom on Facebook.” Michelle says she joined the mother’s book club in order to be at their house when her boyfriend was there.

“Lost a man gained some book recs,” Michelle wrote in the video’s caption. On Monday, Michelle’s video had over 4.5 million views.

@michellefromsomewhere Lost a man gained some book recs #booktok #ShowOffLandOFrost #exboyfriend #cheater #storytime #bookclub ♬ Crazy – Patsy Cline

In a follow-up video, Michelle clarifies that the girl her boyfriend cheated with did not know he was in a relationship. Michelle says when the woman found out, she and her mother “were in on” the book club gag. The TikToker also says that she is writing a book about the situation.

Michelle also posted a “story time” video and says after she found out that her boyfriend had another girlfriend, she connected with the woman. Michelle says that the other girlfriend suggested that Michelle come to her mom’s book club so that their boyfriend would be face-to-face with both of them.

“Bookclubs love drama, so her mom was all for it,” Michelle says in a TikTok. “The whole thing was a set up and we were all in on it together.”

Many commenters on Michelle’s original viral video said they loved the book club ambush.

“Resourceful/cunning/incredibly smart,” @classyashley_ commented.

“You are a legend,” @littleme4321 wrote.

“This is queen energy! The commitment, the patience,” @slonelim commented. “I hope he did NOT keep his cool.” Michelle responded saying he “tried to,” but that she was “better at it.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Michelle via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Oct 3, 2022, 12:43 pm CDT