Models accuse celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde of sexual misconduct

Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian spoke out after the accusations.


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Published Jul 24, 2019   Updated May 20, 2021, 8:07 am CDT

A California-based model has shared screenshots of Instagram messages to accuse celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde of trying to obtain nudes from her. Despite Instagram repeatedly removing her posts, her accusations have prompted other models to speak out against Hyde, including one who has accused him of sexual assault.

Sunnaya Nash, who lives in Los Angeles, shared screenshots of a conversation she said was with Hyde on her Instagram, and later, on Twitter. The photographer is known to have worked with celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, and Kim Kardashian. 

In the messages posted to Twitter on Monday, a person she says is Hyde is seen asking, “Nude?

“I don’t have nude photos,” Nash responds. “I’m comfortable shooting lingerie and partial nudity.”

“It’s 2k then,” Hyde responds. 

“Lol,” Nash says. “But nude is free ?”

When Hyde says yes, Nash says she would be open to shooting nudes with him but wasn’t comfortable sending her nudes to him via chat. 

Hyde responds that would be $2,000 as well. 

“Bc i wont send you nudes of myself before shooting?” she asks. 

“Yeah,” he responds. “Gotta see if your [sic] worth it.”

“Find someone else,” he says in a follow-up message. “Ill keep shooting celebs.”

Since Nash posted the exchange, several others have come forward with similar accounts, prompting responses from Kardashian and Grande. 

Women who did photoshoots with Hyde said they never received their photos after declining to have sex with him or hang out with him at midnight. One unnamed model accused Hyde of sexual assault in a private message to Nash, according to screenshots she posted.

“DO NOT let anyone shoot with that guy,” the message says. “He continued to go out of his way to show me his videos of him Fucking girls that he shots.

“Then we are doing POV shots and this mother fucked sticks his finger in my vagina and I freaked out,” the message continues. “I told him I was done shooting and I never received any photos because I didn’t have sex with him.”

After Nash posted the interaction on her story, screenshots show him telling her in a message to “suck a fat big dick.” By Wednesday, his Instagram and Twitter accounts had been removed. Instagram confirmed with the Daily Dot that it had not deactivated Hyde’s account.

Nash’s posts prompted the #CancelMarkusHyde hashtag on Twitter, which others used to share their own experiences.

From conversations on social media, it appears that people have known about his abuse for some time but were afraid of speaking up.

Another model, Alex Undone, reshared a post they said they’d written about Hyde without naming him.

View this post on Instagram

When I posted this sometime ago , I was scared of name dropping for fear of being “black listed.” The irony , right ? The photographer abuses his power and position but I’m the one scared of being shut out ? To all my ladies (regardless of fame or financial status) WE DO EACH OTHER A HUGE DISSERVICE WHEN WE CONTINUE TO WORK WITH THESE MEN FOR WHAT? INSTAGRAM CLOUT? When an aspiring model sees these images and reaches out to a man like this she has no idea what took place during the shoot or that she’d be better off without him. By the time models find out a photographer is a pig it’s usually TOO LATE AND THROUGH EXPERIENCE. To the women that knowingly work with these men: just because it didn’t happen to you personally doesn’t mean it’s not your problem. We have a collective responsibility to ourselves and the young women stepping into this industry to call out this behavior regardless of how “dope his pictures would be in my portfolio.” In the words of @ihartericka – – Abusers don’t abuse everyone they come in contact with. Their celebrity clients don’t see this behavior. Instead they show their true colors to young models with smaller followings and girls that don’t know any better. If he isn’t scared of being black listed then why should I be? I DONT SHOOT WITH EVERYONE BECAUSE (aside from the business aspect) MY FACE IN YOUR PORTFOLIO SYMBOLIZES THAT I VOUCH FOR YOU AND THAT YOU ARE TRUSTWORTHY !!!!! To all my aspiring models – please free to reach out to me personally and ask me about ANY of my experiences with past photographers. To the photographers- if you’re worried about what I have to say about you then YOU SHOULD HAVE BEHAVED BETTER. #keepgoing

A post shared by Alex Undone (@alexundone) on

“To the women that knowingly work with these men: just because it didn’t happen to you personally doesn’t mean it’s not your problem,” Undone wrote. “We have a collective responsibility to ourselves and the young women stepping into this industry to call out this behavior regardless of how ‘dope his pictures would be in my portfolio.'”

On Monday, Grande posted on her Instagram story to say the accusations against Hyde were “shocking and heartbreaking,” and urged her followers and other models to not work with photographers that make them uncomfortable. 

After many repeatedly tagging Kardashian on Twitter, she wrote in her Instagram story on Wednesday that she is “deeply shocked, saddened, and disappointed to learn” about these women’s experiences.

“I stand in full support of every woman’s right to not be harassed, asked or pressured to do anything they are not comfortable with,” Kardashian wrote. “We cannot allow this type of behavior to go unnoticed and I applaud those who speak out.”

When Nash first posted the messages on her Instagram story, they were flagged for containing “bullying or harassment” and taken down.

She then received a notice saying her account may be deleted as some of her posts didn’t follow community guidelines.

“@instagram Is threatening to delete my account,” Nash wrote with a screenshot showing the notice from Instagram. “This is absolutely uncalled for. My post about Marcus Hyde was taken down and I’m trying to get it back up.”

“All my stories have been reported and taken down. Please help!” she wrote in the comments section of the picture. 

She also shared her grievances on Twitter, where many tagged Instagram and asked that her account not be flagged for bringing a predator to light.

On Tuesday, she posted a follow-up post on her Instagram thanking everyone for their support and thanking the women who came forward. It was followed with a note of thanks to those who helped prevent her account from being deleted. 

But it apparently still continues to be a problem. As recently as Wednesday early morning, she again posted on her Instagram story, “Instagram took down my post again…..”

It’s not clear which post she was referring to in her most recent update, and Nash did not respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comments. 

Instagram told the Daily Dot that her posts were deleted by mistake. 

“This content was removed in error and has been reinstated,” said a spokesperson over email on Wednesday morning. “We apologize to Sunnaya for the mistake.” 


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*First Published: Jul 24, 2019, 12:52 pm CDT