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‘I’m always tryna save my tables money’: Server shares hack to getting mimosas cheaper at restaurants, sparking debate

‘I do that and they do not tip me.’


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A server with over 1.9 million followers on TikTok shared a hack for Sunday brunch-goers who like to order mimosas. Servers in the comments section are disagreeing on whether sharing hacks like this with their customers leads to higher tips.

In the viral TikTok, user Brandon (@panerasputhylips), who says he’s a server, pretends to take a Sunday brunch customer’s order.

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“A mimosa pitcher?” Brandon repeats the customer’s order before pretending to look around for the manager. “Between you and me, a bottle of champagne, the same champagne we use in that pitcher is $20, and, if you want, I can bring you a side of orange juice, which is $3.50 and get free refills, you save about $5.”

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The video amassed 1.4 million views since Aug. 10. Many in the comments section appreciate Brandon doing a solid for his customers.

“Yassss a servant of the people not the business, slay,” one user commended.

“Love it when servers hook you up,” another applauded.

Another user cautioned Brandon against letting his co-workers see the video, but Brandon reassured them, writing, “Please they know this trick too im sure.”

The video resonated with former and current servers who try to save their tables money.

“Upselling is not for me,” one person stated.

“Literally me all the time!!! In my opinion that’s what gets you a better tip lol,” a second agreed.

However, a few servers didn’t approve of Brandon’s hack.

“Yeah no that’s a solid no I like to have high sales thats how I get better shifts and tips,” one person said.

“I would never, they tip on total… you’re getting the most expensive thing in the building. They won’t tip you any more if you help them. Period,” another person echoed.

One of the top commenters said they try to hook their customers up but that the customers don’t show their appreciation when it comes to the tip. “I do that and they do not tip me,” the comment, with over 12,000 likes, reads.

It’s not hard to see why Brandon has garnered nearly 2 million followers on the platform. In addition to sharing content related to his work as a server, the Michigan-based 26-year-old also gets real with followers about his personal life, referring to his account as “my diary” in his bio.

The Daily Dot reached out to Brandon for comment via TikTok comment.

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