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Michelle Obama shares sweet message to Barack on their 25th anniversary

It’s the #relationshipgoals bright spot we needed right now.


Danielle Ransom


In the bleak aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting that took place on Sunday, Michelle Obama is supplying us a much-needed ray of light and love. 

The former first lady uploaded a photo to Twitter celebrating her and Barack Obama’s 25th anniversary, leaving her “best friend” and husband a sweet message paired with a black and white photo from their wedding.

Naturally, the internet began flooding Michelle’s mentions with adorable GIFs, photos, and memories from the Obamas’eight-year tenure in the White House alongside messages of how missed they are.

Even Sen. Kamala Harris of California chimed in with love for the iconic couple.

The former president has yet to share his own message on social media, but judging from past public displays of affection toward his wife, it is sure to be equally amazing. Barack made waves online just last week after he admitted to crying when he dropped off their eldest daughter, Malia, at Harvard for college. 

In the meantime, we can bask in the warmth and affection of past photos of the two showing off their #relationshipgoals.

Exhibit A: The couple who bops together, no matter the jam.


Exhibit B: The partner who supports you for you.

Exhibit C: When you have each other’s back after a long and stressful workday.

Exhibit D: When you can find the laughter in everything you do.


Exhibit E: When you’re looking good and your husband knows it and owns it.

Seriously, the love between these two is just unreal.


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