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Megyn Kelly faces backlash for her upcoming interview with Alex Jones

Jones’ beliefs are horrifying to families that lost loved ones during 9/11 and Sandy Hook.


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Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly is finally airing on NBC, and Kelly is bringing on a controversial media figure to help boost the show. On June 18th, she will interview InfoWars radio show host Alex Jones. And many NBC viewers are furious with Kelly’s decision, arguing that the interview will give legitimacy to Jones’ beliefs.

Jones is a conspiracy theorist known for stoking a wide range of claims, targeting everything from GMOs to President Obama. Previously, he’s argued that 9/11 was an “inside job,” he’s claimed that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was faked, and he believes the government has been working on a gay bomb. Concerned NBC viewers are worried that, by giving Jones a position to talk about these beliefs, he may spread his following and cause further pain to the families that lost loved ones during 9/11 and Sandy Hook.

Kelly responded to some of the backlash by suggesting that her role as a journalist is to “shine a light” on some of Jones’ beliefs. But others still feel her actions are reckless, giving credibility to a far-right conspiracy theorist.

Many pointed out that the interview would land on Father’s Day, sending a harrowing message to the families that lost their loved ones during the Sandy Hook shooting.

Danielle Vabner lost her younger brother during the Sandy Hook shooting, and previously wrote about her dedication to gun violence prevention for the Daily Dot.

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