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‘Best thing on the menu’: Former McDonald’s chef reviews restaurant’s fan-favorite breakfast steak

The beloved breakfast item is only available at select McDonald’s locations.


Melody Heald


A former McDonald’s chef went viral on TikTok for reviewing McDonald’s breakfast steak for their steak, egg, and cheese bagel.

User Chef Mike Haracz (@chefmikeharacz) mainly posts McDonald’s reviews, himself critiquing how different things are made. This time, he reviews how a McDonald’s steak is made in a stitched video of a worker cooking the steak. The original video starts off with the McDonald’s employee pouring a ton of butter on the grill. Then the worker takes a handful of premade frozen grilled onions and sprinkles it on the grill, followed by adding more butter.

“That seems like an excessive amount of butter but it’s OK,” Haracz says as the video continues.

The worker takes out two cold steaks using white gloves instead of blue and places them on the grill next to the grilled onions. According to Haracz, you’re supposed to be wearing “blue gloves when handling raw product and that’s how the steak comes in.” After cooking the steaks for a bit, the worker – now wearing blue gloves – applies the seasoning. Then the video ends with the steak and hashbrowns finished.

@chefmikeharacz #duet with @ayehoes_itstay Former #mcdonalds corporate chef reviews the steak from the steak egg and cheese bagel. #BigMac #QuarterPounder #McDouble #McChicken #steakeggandcheesebagel ♬ original sound – #LilTayYCD #BigTizzyWCG

The video amassed over 272,000 views as of Saturday and many viewers were surprised that McDonald’s serves steak.

“What?! Steak? We don’t have this,” one viewer said.

“McDonalds have steak?” a second asked.

Those who do know about the steak, egg, and cheese bagel commented how they miss the breakfast sandwich.

“I miss the steak bagel,” one person commented.

“I’m so sad that the stores in my area got rid of the steak bagels. Was literally my fav,” a second agreed.

“I wish the bagel breakfast still existed,” a third said.

Some of the viewers claimed the reason why most locations discontinued the breakfast item was because of the pandemic.

“And they discontinued the steak cause of “covid,” one person claimed.

“During Covid a lot of locations discontinued the bagels and the steak,” a second concurred.

According to Foods Alternative, the steak, egg, and cheese bagel was discontinued in 2014 but its discontinuation was made permanent during Covid-19. However, after a petition that garnered over 22,000 signatures, McDonald’s decided to bring back the beloved breakfast sandwich only in select locations in Indiana and Southwest Michigan, per She Finds. McDonald’s website described the bagel as “freshly toasted with real butter that holds a tender, juicy steak patty, a fluffy folded egg, melty American cheese, and savory grilled onions.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Haracz for comment via email and TikTok comment and McDonald’s via press email.

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