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‘Starbucks dupe’: McDonald’s customer shares how to make iced caramel macchiato

'The barista in me is screaming NOOO.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Jan 28, 2023

A McDonald’s employee revealed how the fast-food chain makes its iced caramel macchiato in a viral TikTok.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user @iamtaaeb who typically posts content about her job at McDonald’s. In this clip, which has been viewed over 5 million times as of Saturday, she revealed how McDonald’s makes their Iced Caramel Macchiato coffee drink. 

The employee leads the person filming to the cups where they select a large cup for the drink. First, the worker scoops two cups of ice and puts them in the cup. Next, she walks over to where the coffee syrups are located and adds five pumps of caramel. She then places the cup under the coffee machine where different options are presented on the screen.

She presses “ice drink,” followed by “iced macchiato,” “iced caramel macchiato,” “large,” and “whole milk large.” Afterward, the machine dispenses the milk into the cup. Once the cup is filled to the brim, the video skips over where the espresso was added. The employee picks up the bottled caramel and tops it off with some drizzle.

@iamtaaeb Replying to @karebear12300 #fyp #diyforyou #foryoupage #mcdonalds #work ♬ original sound – da don.

The Daily Dot reached out to @iamtaaeb via Twitter direct message and TikTok video for more information. The video amassed 5.4 million views as of Jan. 28, with several viewers pointing out the alleged mistakes in the video.

“You didn’t stir the caramel in the milk before the espresso tho,” one viewer pointed out.

“U only did 5 pumps of caramel instead of 6,” a second noted.

“This a latte, espresso goes at the bottom for macchiato,” a third critiqued.

The employee clarified in a comment that she stirred the caramel until the espresso came out off-camera.

On the other hand, other users stated that the Iced Caramel Macchiato is their favorite drink from McDonald’s.

“Honestly the ice caramel macchiato from McDonald’s is the BEST!” one person wrote.

“It’s so good …when Starbucks line is too long I just get it at McDonald’s,” a second shared.

“Starbucks dupe,” a third shared.

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*First Published: Jan 28, 2023, 2:01 pm CST