McDonald's worker taking spicy McChicken patty out of fryer (l) McDonald's order screen with order '1 Hot&Spicy McC Cook To Order' with caption 'When they want there food cooked fresh & we close in 30 minutes' with McDonald's 'm' logo at bottom (c) McDonald's employee assembling Spicy McChicken (r)

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McDonald’s worker shares what they do when a customer wants ‘fresh’ food, comes in 30 minutes before close

‘Worked at McDonald’s for 6 years. I can tell when they do this… I send it right back.’


Cecilia Lenzen


A McDonald’s worker received backlash over a TikTok that showed he doesn’t always make orders “fresh” when requested.

The worker, who goes by @deontay30 on TikTok, revealed in a video posted on Jan 18. that if a customer requests for their food to be cooked to order within half an hour of when the store closes, they might not get what they want.

“When they want [their] food cooked fresh & we close in 30 minutes,” read the on-screen text.

In the video, the worker grabbed a cooked chicken patty from the warming rack and threw it back into the deep fryer for a few seconds. He then pulled it out, shook off the grease, and made the sandwich as usual.

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It’s unclear whether or not the video was intended as a joke. Regardless, many viewers didn’t find it very funny. Several commented that the employee was hired to fulfill customer orders as requested, while others argued it doesn’t take long to make a fresh order.

“When you’re forced to do the job you’re hired for,” one viewer commented.

“Come on y’all it ain’t that hard to make it fresh. I worked at McDonald’s, it doesn’t take that long,” another commented.

Some viewers claimed that “30 minutes until close” means the employee has 30 minutes left to work before he starts the closing routine. Therefore, he shouldn’t complain about customers requesting fresh food close to closing.

“30 minutes you got time, you close in 30 you don’t leave in 30,” one user wrote.

“30 min is plenty of time to fry a 4 min mcchicken,” another commented.

Other users differed on whether or not re-frying food is a bad thing.

“Worked at McDonald’s for 6 years. I can tell when they do this… I send it right back,” one viewer shared.

“I would do that to my fries when i wanted them ‘ fresh ‘ i didn’t actually want them fresh i just wanted them hot,” another countered.

The Daily Dot reached out to @deontay30 via TikTok comment and to McDonald’s via email.

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