McDonald's customer roasts quarter pounder order

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‘If I’m paying $10 can y’all put the cheese in the center’: McDonald’s customer roasts quarter pounder order

'It’s insane to me people still order food without the apps.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Jan 29, 2023

A popular TikToker roasts McDonald’s for its less-than-appetizing Quarter Pounder order which he says cost him $10 in a viral TikTok.

The video was uploaded by user Justin Chopelas (@justinchopelas) who mainly posts content about his fast-food fails.

In the video, he shows the burger he ordered along with a large Dr. Pepper, which he says ran him $10.

“Seriously, I spent $10 at McDonald’s and got a Dr. Pepper with a bacon quarter pounder and added extra bacon to this quarter pounder,” he says, opening the container, revealing his burger, where the bacon is heavily seasoned with black pepper.

He continues, “First thing I gotta say is if I’m paying $10 can y’all put the cheese in the center of the meat? And then we also got to talk about the pepper.”

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The Daily Dot reached out to Chopelas via TikTok comment and McDonald’s via press email regarding the video. The video racked up over 775,000 views as of Sunday with viewers stating that this is normal McDonald’s behavior.

“Dude I don’t know what to tell you.,. it’s McDonald’s… quite frankly you’re lucky they remembered the bacon,” one viewer joked.

“Dude it’s fucking McDonald’s what’re you thinking ‘the head chef here really cares’? Lmfao,” a second commented.

“Going to McDonald’s and expecting them to do anything is the first problem,” a third stated.

Some alleged current McDonald’s workers claimed the fast-food chain deliberately has the off-centered cheese 

“I work at McDonald’s they don’t do that because they want you to think there’s a lot of cheese on there,” one current employee stated.

“No the cheese goes on the bottom. Corp makes us do it just let them know where you want the cheese when you order it,” a second said.

“The cheese is a time thing we don’t have time on the line to be precise but the pepper should not be there that’s weird,” a third noted.

Others urged Chopelas to use the app to get better deals.

“Use the app, they usually have buy one get one for $1 for the quarter pounder,” one viewer recommended.

“Shoulda used the app man. Could gotten that for half the price lol,” a second wrote.

“Use the app my boy. Get that meal for $6,” a third advised.

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*First Published: Jan 29, 2023, 5:08 pm CST