woman greenscreen TikTok over McDonald's DoorDash order caption 'my life is a joke!!!!!' (l) DoorDash employee knocking on door with bag (c) woman greenscreen TikTok over McDonald's container with a slice of cheese inside caption 'my life is a joke!!!!!' (r)

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‘This is what was delivered’: DoorDash customer accidentally orders slice of cheese from McDonald’s

‘The way it’s melted to the box.’


Jack Alban


A customer placed a customized order from McDonald’s through DoorDash, and she received merely a slice of cheese. The customer is taking the mix-up in stride.

While making omissions from a burger Happy Meal order, GG (@graceygfor3) accidentally instructed whoever was making her food to place a single slice of American cheese in a box. This means she effectively paid full price for a Happy Meal that had a toy, fries, a bottle of water… and a single slice of what appears to be melted cheese.

“Can’t even be mad I did this to myself,” she captioned the TikTok, which was viewed ___ times.

“I may have made the dumbest mistake in the world, so I decided to get a food delivery with a cheeseburger meal and a happy meal. It was supposed to be a happy meal with a hamburger with nothing on it, add cheese. That is it. I actually did no salt, no regular bun, no mustard, no diced onions, no pickle, no meat, add cheese. And this is what was delivered,” she says.

The camera then cuts to the open sandwich container from McDonald’s containing a single slice of melted American cheese.

“One single slice of cheese. One. McDonald’s had the audacity to make this, [or] so I thought until I went back and looked and it was my fault,” she said before recounting her customizations. “No onion, no pickle, no meat, no bun, add American cheese. My fault. Six dollars and forty-three cents for one slice of cheese. And fries and a toy, and a bottle of water so honestly, not that terrible but who really thought that’s actually what I meant? But McDonald’s has probably seen it all, just box up one singular slice of cheese. Are you kidding me take my DoorDash away at this point.”

TikTokers who saw her post had a litany of different reactions. Some quipped how “embarrassing” it is to realize when you’re the one at fault for your own food delivery misery; others commended the McDonald’s employee for following her directions to the tee.

“Haha. At least they read and followed directions. Prob thought it was for a picky kid,” one viewer who found the move “hilarious” said.

“It’s always so embarrassing when you realize you’re at fault,” another argued.

“They over there thinking ohhh we getting tested by corporate,” a third imagined.

It seems that GG’s accidental order followed the same logic as someone else who ordered only cheese as a prank at McDonald’s and then documented their results, so we know that there are locations that will follow these orders with absolutely no questions asked—and as one viewer pointed out, we’ll likely know when that happens. “Patiently waiting for the McDonald’s employee who’s going to post to TikTok about the person who ordered just cheese,” the viewer quipped.

The Daily Dot has reached out to GG via TikTok comment as well as to McDonald’s and DoorDash via email for further information.

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