young woman with caption 'when my manager cut my hrs but start calling me in everyday'


‘Get somebody else to do it’: Worker calls out manager who cut her hours — then started calling her every day to come in

'Should’ve put me on the schedule.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Jan 30, 2023

A woman sparked discussion after revealing how her manager cut her hours but started calling her every day to come to work.

The five-second video with over 475,000 views as of Monday features user Mkay Allyse (@vibenwithkay) sitting on her bed as the overlay text reads, “when my manager cut my hrs but start calling me in everyday.”

“See, when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite,” she lip-syncs to the camera.

The content creator reinforces these thoughts in the caption, writing, “Uhuh get somebody else to do it.”

@vibenwithkay Uhuh get somebody else to do it 🥴 #fyp #work #jokes ♬ original sound – Tierra Whack

The Daily Dot reached out to Allyse via TikTok direct message for more information. The video resonated with viewers, many agreeing with Allyse.

“Right I’m not coming in unless I’m in the schedule… u should’ve thought about me,” one viewer wrote.

“Like why are you cutting my hours then telling me I should come in on my day off?? BUH BYE,” a second agreed.

“Facts! Keep them on read too ! I even say I wished I could but I have other obligations,“ a third echoed.

However, some disagreed, stating they would come in if they were called because they need the hours.

“Sadly I accepted a shift I need hours,” one commented.

“And that’s when I go cuz I need to pay my bills… but imma still cuss his ass off in my head when I see him,” a second concurred.

“I still take em cuz I need the hours,” a third said.

Others shared their similar experiences with having their hours cut and then called in.

“I threw up (i’m pregnant) and I told my boss I couldn’t come in, she threatened to fire me till the next day and said ‘we need you to come in,’” one person shared.

“For the PAST MONTH, ive only worked one day a week and she tries calling me in? nuhuh, i already made plans since you wanna be like this,” a second stated.

“They cut my hours then phoning me to come in when I had plans. Then offered me a full time contract,” a third wrote.

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*First Published: Jan 30, 2023, 3:05 pm CST