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This mac and cheese/burger monstrosity can be yours in 7 simple steps

Burgers and mac and cheese are the buddy cops of the food world.


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Burgers and mac and cheese are the buddy cops of the food world. You could, of course, serve a dainty portion alongside of your standard burger. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you were feeling a little crazy, you could plop a big scoop right on top of the burger. Or, — wait for it — you could serve your burger between a pair of gloriously fried mac and cheese buns.

The culinary masterminds over at Foodbeast realized that mac & cheese hamburger buns are exactly the creation the world needs, so they sought a way to help you make them at home. We’ve broken down the tutorial into a step-by-step guide that every food enthusiast should see. 

You’ll need the following ingredients to make these bad boys:


Macaroni, cheese sauce, shredded cheese, eggs, cream, breadcrumbs and oil. Extra spices are also encouraged.

1) Start by boiling the macaroni.


Aim for al dente because you’ll be cooking them again in the fryer.

2) Add in the cheese components.


Pour some oil so that the macaroni doesn’t stick together. Then, mix in gratuitous amounts of the shredded cheese and cheese sauce and put the mixture in the fridge for a while to cool.

3) Form the mac & cheese into balls.


Use an ice cream scoop to ensure equal bun sizes.

4) Dip the balls into a mixture of eggs and cream.


Swish them around so they get fully coated.

5) Coat the mac & cheese with breadcrumbs.


As you’re coating, use the palm of your hand to form the balls into a patty shape.

6) Fry them up.


After they come out of the fryer, let them drain on a paper towel and season them with salt.

7) Cook your burger to perfection and serve.

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Optional step eight is to seek a doctor immediately.

You can watch the full tutorial here:

Screengrab via foodbeastTV/YouTube

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