This little boy is so, so happy that gay marriage is now legal

People flooded the streets of major cities all over the United States after the Supreme Court announced its decision to legalize gay marriage. But one little boy in New York City expressed all the feels that gay marriage advocates are feeling on this historic day.

Finn Keenan was interviewed by Newsweek‘s Zoë Schlanger on Friday afternoon, hours after the SCOTUS 5-4 decision was handed down. Draped in rainbow flags, he spoke of his pure excitement about the ruling.

“I was shocked, as much as I was excited. I was even a little dumbstruck,” Keenan said. “There were literally, like, fireworks erupting in my chest and heart.”

He added: “I think this has proven that in this nation, there are no limits. That’s what makes the U.S. the U.S.”

Keenan 2016, anyone?

H/T Zoë Schlanger/Twitter | Illustration by Max Fleishman

Marisa Kabas

Marisa Kabas

Marisa Kabas is a lifestyle reporter and activist. Her work has been published by Fusion, Fast Company, and Today. She’s also served as an editorial campaigns director for Purpose PBC, a social movement incubator.