This comedian is livetweeting her father’s death

Standup comedian and Last Comic Standing finalist Laurie Kilmartin has been livetweeting her experiences witnessing her father’s final days with more than 12,000 of her Twitter followers.

Her father was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and was moved to hospice care on Feb. 20. Kilmartin and her family have been there ever since to take care of him and spend their last few days together.

But while they’re having those final moments, Kilmartin is finding solace in Twitter by posting her thoughts as she tries to process everything happening before her eyes. They’re full of humor and sarcasm, but there’s plenty of emotion and a hollowed sort of sadness to them.

Even the most mundane tasks can be humorous.

And for anyone dealing with cancer, it can especially hit close to home.

It gained even more traction once Patton Oswalt tweeted it to his 1.6 million followers.

As Twitter becomes more integrated into our lives, more people are using it to deal with their own diagnosis and the mortality of a loved one. Last year, NPR’s Scott Simon livetweeted his mother’s last few days, and Lisa Adams uses Twitter to write about her cancer diagnosis.

It’s sparked a conversation, and just like anyone else, Kilmartin is still learning.

Update: On Thursday, Kilmartin’s mom cut off the oxygen supply.

Photo via @anylaurie16/Twitter

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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