krispy kreme employee claims she was underpaid on her check in a tiktok

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‘$434 is a lot of f*cking money’: Krispy Kreme worker says her pay was retroactively cut from her check

'The math is not mathing.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Dec 6, 2022

A Krispy Kreme worker went viral on TikTok after claiming a significant amount of money was cut from her paycheck due to a payroll error.

In the video posted by TikToker Alexis (@lifewithlexxm) on Dec. 2, she says after her direct deposit from Krispy Kreme hit her bank account at 3am, she woke up and felt the urge to check the amount.

She says she noticed her paycheck was a mere $278, despite working 46 hours. She explains she took a pay cut with her new position but says that the “math is not mathing” regarding the slash to her most recent check.

Looking at her paystub, Alexis says she noticed that Krispy Kreme “took money back” from when she worked her previous pay rate and didn’t apply her new one, accounting for a whopping $434 missing from her check.

In the clip, she says she reached out to human resources, payroll, her general manager, and the district manager while she was at work but didn’t receive a response.

“I’m at the point where I’m leaving here with something. $434 is a lot of fucking money,” Alexis says. “And I worked Thanksgiving. I could have been with my kids being thankful.”


original sound – Alexis

The video has garnered over one million views as of Tuesday, with viewers suggesting how to appropriately escalate the situation if she doesn’t hear back from her managers.

“You don’t let it go. You approach your manager, and if you get no relief you approach the owner of the franchise. Then you go to the franchise itself,” one viewer suggested.

“You need to contact the EEOC and a lawyer. It’s illegal for them to give you a pay cut if you moved positions within the company. Please do this,” a second offered.

“They need to figure out or the Department of Labor’s gonna figure it out. File a wage complaint,” a third wrote.

“Also thats illegal of them so sue them so hard,” a fourth said.

In a response video, Alexis explains that when Krispy Kreme “backdated” her pay to her new, lower rate, the system “automatically took all of the money out.”

When she brought this to payroll’s attention, she says they maintained that her pay “was correct.”

After repeatedly explaining why she didn’t believe her pay was correct, she says that they finally admitted that Alexis was right and retro pay was supposed to pay her, not the other way around.

Alexis says she spoke to both the general managers and assistant managers, who told her that she “wasn’t supposed to be making that amount of money.”

“You’re not going to sit there and tell me that that is my fault that they didn’t change my pay rate. I’m not able to go into the computer system and change my own pay rate,” she says in the video.

Alexis says human resources eventually took the blame, explaining that “the computer had an error” and when they backdated it, it took the money out of her paycheck. She says they also promised to give Alexis all of her money back the following week because writing a check would “take longer” than direct deposit.

@lifewithlexxm Replying to @brownin.nikki original sound – Alexis

In a second video, Alexis says that she had to take a pay cut because her store decided to stop selling donuts. She explains that they couldn’t work with her schedule at another store in her area and gave her an ultimatum: receive full-time hours in a different role but take a pay cut or be a donut maker at a different store and receive 25 hours a week.

Alexis chose the former but says she realizes how “fishy” and “illegal” the situation sounded. Now, she says she’s searching for a new job.

@lifewithlexxm Replying to @detgem1978 original sound – Alexis

The Daily Dot reached out to Alexis via TikTok comment and to Krispy Kreme via email.

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*First Published: Dec 6, 2022, 6:55 am CST