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The internet is #relationshipgoals gaga over boyfriend who made kitten tiny pancakes

So cute and yet so delicious.


Jessica Machado


When Kenzie Jones went out of town recently, she joked to her boyfriend, Chase Stout, that he and their pets would have to “fend for themselves.” She also made sure to remind him to feed their newly adopted kitten, Mr. Wilson, according to BuzzFeed.

So one morning, Stout sent her a text: “Do you know if Mr. Wilson likes chocolate chips in his pancakes?”

That’s right, he made Mr. Wilson a stack of three of the tiniest pancakes any feline or human person has ever seen. And not only did Jones think it was adorable, so did much of the internet.

Except for those who thought Stout actually gave Mr. Wilson chocolate. Those people had no problem lecturing him that chocolate is bad for cats—really bad, deadly even.

Stout let Concerned Twitter know the chocolate part was a joke. Mr. Wilson, for his part, seemed to like the pancakes. Stout told BuzzFeed, “But just like any kitten, his attention span quickly changed his interest onto something else.”

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