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This smartwatch helps your kiddos stick to a schedule

Because anything that makes parenting easier is a godsend.


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If getting your kid to brush their teeth (or do anything else, for that matter) is a constant battle, try the Octopus Kids Habit Tracking Watch on for size. It’s a hero for parents fighting the good fight — i.e., the battle to instill good habits.

While it looks minimal, like an Apple watch, its bright design is sure to lure your little one in (especially if they’re looking for style points). Plus, this smartwatch is made to specifically help kids aged 3-8 understand time management, linking time to events through icons controlled by you via either the Android or iOS app.

As a watch, it shows kids how to literally read the clock, with both digital and analog faces. It functions as a scheduler that can notify your little ones when it’s time for specific activities. For example: brushing their teeth, feeding the dog, or going to dance class. And lastly, it’s an assistant. So it offers helpful tips and reminders to kids and parents alike. It even prompts you to reward your children for good behavior!

And let’s be real: anything that makes your job as a parent easier without a visit from your mother-in-law is a (hashtag) blessing. Grab the Octopus Kids Habit Tracking Watch for $59.99 from the Daily Dot store, reduced from the usual price of $79.99.

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