Dame Find vibrator

Photo via Kickstarter

And it’s already been funded.

Kickstarter has opened the doors for sex toys to be launched on the platform, with the Dame “Fin” becoming the first vibrator to be crowdfunded on the site. The vibrator, which is worn on the fingers and is used for clitoral stimulation, has already exceeded its $50,000 goal in under two days.

Other crowdfunding sites have gotten into the sex toy game before, but Kickstarter’s curators always kept them out. According to Motherboard, Kickstarter has featured products that can be used as vibrators (such as a “kegel trainer”) but never one that explicitly called itself a sex toy. 

Justin Kazmark, Kickstarter’s vice president of communications, told the Daily Dot, “Our review process is always evolving. Dame is making something new and innovative, and in that spirit we’re happy to welcome them to Kickstarter. We’ll continue to allow projects like this on a case-by-case basis.”

So if you’ve got an idea for a new and innovative sex toy, it’s time to hit up Kickstarter. And, no, cutting a hole in a bar of soap doesn’t count.

H/T Motherboard

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