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‘Everyone knows that’: Engine tech shares PSA about Kia cars, sparking debate

‘That’s why they have a 7-year warranty.’


Natasha Dubash


While Kia isn’t the first car company to be called out on the social media app for its alleged quality, a video by TikToker Mr. Nobody (@phone_on_the_dash) has the platform buzzing about its vehicles’ engines.

It all started with a video in which Mr. Nobody goes on a tirade against Kia and Hyundai cars, calling them low-quality cars.

@phone_on_the_dash I will never stop bashing Kia’s or Hyundai’s #car #cars #cartok #carsoftiktok #kia #hyundai #garbage #fyp ♬ original sound – Mr. Nobody

In that video, Mr. Nobody also refers to seeing another TikTok by a Kia mechanic who allegedly showed “a bunch of engine blocks that needed to be replaced because they kept blowing motors.” The TikToker claims the mechanic was fired after making the video. 

After someone in the comments asked for more information about “the dude that got fired,” Mr. Nobody stitched the original clip as a follow-up video, which went viral with 1.9 million views, reaching even more users on the platform than the original, which received a comparatively lower 202,800 views.

@phone_on_the_dash Replying to @ATL the mechanic is @sleepymechanic #fyp #car #cartok #carsoftiktok #kia #hyundai ♬ original sound – Mr. Nobody

In the viral video, the mechanic, Tyler Cox (@sleepymechanic), says, “Apparently, there’s some people that don’t believe me that [Kia] engines are trash, but let me show you what it was like this week.” Cox then proceeds to show viewers what is easily over 20 engine blocks that he is working on. 

From the comments section, it appears Kia aficionados aren’t too surprised by the alleged revelation about the engines.

“My mom, sister, and brother all drive a Kia. All have had to replace the engine,” one user said. 

“Those engines are garbage…I work at a mom and pop shop and we do them all the time. Who says they’re not junk?” said another comment, which the creator liked.

“KIA. Killed In Action,” joked a third user. 

Even Consumer Reports confirms that a Kia car’s “reliability is a mixed bag, with some models (Niro EV) scoring quite high, while others (the Seltros, Forte, and Sorento) coming in well below average.” However, there were many people who seemed to think that Kia’s warranty made all the repair headaches worth it.

“That’s why they have a 7 year warranty to get past the lemon laws,” one person said, referring to laws that are in place to ensure customers aren’t cheated into purchasing a defective car.

“That warranty tho, something happens I get set up with a band new rental and pay nothing that is why I bought a 2nd kia,” another said.

One person even claimed that customers buy the alleged low-quality cars with the knowledge the company offers an ironclad warranty. “Everyone knows that. But all those engine are prob covered under their 10 yr warranty so.”

But there were also plenty of users who defended the car company, saying they never had problems with their Kia cars.

“Never had any issue in over 10 years with KIA vehicles,” one person claimed.

“On my 4th kia, each have been great vehicles” one loyal customer said before elaborating on the mileage he was able to get from each car. “One had 175K, one has 112K, one had 135K and latest one has 65K.”

“I have a 16 Kia Forte 120,000 miles. Zero issues with the car so far,” a third said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Mr. Nobody via TikTok comment, Tyler Cox via TikTok comment, and Kia via email.

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