Ring in the most challenging vagina workout of your life with this bell

Meet the Kegelbell (not "Kegel Bell," "Kegal Bell," or "Kegalbell").


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Posted on Mar 26, 2021   Updated on Mar 26, 2021, 2:51 pm CDT

Most people with vaginas already know what Kegels are, but what they don’t know is that the classic Kegel exercise device we’re all so familiar with just got a major revamp thanks to Kegelbell.

What is the Kegelbell?

The Kegelbell is more than just a Kegel exercise device. It’s practically a personal gym for your vagina! And I know just how odd that sounds. Who is working out their vagina, anyway?! Lots of people, actually. And maybe you should be, too.

Whether you just had a baby, are suffering from sexual dysfunction, or bladder leakage, Kegels are for you. Hell, if you just want to take your orgasms from peak climax to the ultimate hedonist chaos, strengthening your pelvic floor with the Kegelbell should be habitual.

Why Kegelbell?

Unlike the more recognizable pelvic floor weight sets that come with staggered sizing, Kegelbell is an all-in-one device that can be highly personalized. That means that regardless of your ability or experience level, the Kegelbell will be a good choice for you.

I asked the Board Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy with a specialty in pelvic health, Dr. Janelle Howell, how the Kegelbell compares to other devices. And what surprised me the most was learning that its design is more than just efficient. It’s actually part of what makes it blow away the competition! You see, other Kegel devices are designed so that the weighted bulb is inserted. But this is rather counterintuitive given how our bodies work.

According to Dr. Howell, “The Kegelbell stands out above standard kegel weights because it actually mimics the dynamic way our vaginal muscles work. Naturally, with activity, our pelvic floor muscles lift up against gravity and then they release once the load or pressure is removed. Many vaginal weights don’t do that. They work in such a way that you insert a weight inside and you work to keep it inside–maintaining a static hold. But that’s not the way our bodies work. [This] is why I love and support Kegelbell. It trains our vaginal muscles to contract and then let go. [This] achieves a shortening and lengthening effect. It trains our vaginas in [the] ways that they’re actually supposed to function. [So] change is bound to come.”

Additionally, other pelvic floor weights rely on incremental changes in the weight’s physical size or shape to help users level up. This is why many Kegel exercise devices are sold in sets of three or so. Normally, a person (depending on their goals) will start their journey using the most bulbous Kegel weight. Despite what you may think, the larger devices are actually easier to grip (and are usually the lightest). However, if you’re doing Kegels to benefit your pelvic floor specifically, inserting a large lightbulb-like device isn’t always easy. And once it comes time to up-the-ante, the smaller Kegel weights may not be any more pleasant for you to use. Some people may find that the shape or size of the device is uncomfortable (and not just heavy).

This is what makes the Kegelbell system such an innovation. Forget having to worry about if the bulb will fit or which bulb comes next in the series. Every Kegelbell kit includes two different size inserts (one weighs in at 30 grams while the other weighs 40 grams) and three external weights (30 grams, 60 grams, 120 grams). So trainees can choose which insert they want to start with based on their goals or which insert is the most comfortable. Adjusting the weight of the Kegelbell couldn’t be simpler, either. Trust me, I’ve tried it! The only thing users are tasked with is swapping out or snapping on a disc of their choice.

How do I use the Kegelbell?

For those of you brand new to pelvic floor exercises, take a deep breath. It’s not nearly as complicated as it may seem, and it only takes five minutes! The makers of Kegelbell suggest leaving the device in the shower and using it before you hop out. The company even makes a mounting accessory for your shower wall in case you need incentive.

I recommend beginners start by lightly lubing and using the larger insert. (Only if you can stand it, of course. If it ends up being uncomfortable, by all means, size down!) Don’t add any weights to it at first. Adjusting to how the insert feels on its own is an important first step. You can even try flexing your pelvic floor muscles with the insert as a warm-up to your practice. If the sensation reminds you of how it feels to urinate, you’re doing it!

Then once you’re ready to take the next step and add some weight, Dr. Howell recommends starting with the smallest weight. Once you feel comfortable, you can perform the contract-relax (squeeze) motions. Dr. Howell reminds us that “If there is no pain, and you see and feel the Kegelbell lifting higher inside of you and then releasing lower towards the ground, then you’re off to a great start.” Then comes consistency and progress.

How do I know the Kegels are working?

Aside from the mental awareness or mindfulness of your pelvic floor, Dr. Howell says that you should be able to physically feel the changes. She writes “You’ll most likely feel a mild increase in tone after your first use. It’s very similar to working a muscle for the first time in the gym, except without the soreness. You’ll feel like your vagina is coming to life!”

Rebirthing my vagina sounds pretty meta, so I’m in.

Is there any reason not to use the Kegelbell or a device like it?

Although Kegel exercise devices are intended to alleviate symptoms related to having a weak pelvic floor, it’s not always the first solution.

According to Dr. Howell, “If you have pain with insertion of the device or if you’re unable to get the Kegelbell inside because of tightness, then [it] should be reserved for a later time. You should see a pelvic physical therapist to get help with pain management and pelvic floor relaxation [first]. Then, there should be much greater ease using and progressing with Kegelbell.”

Where can I buy the Kegelbell system?

The Kegelbell device (as well as all of its accessories) is available through the company’s site as well as on Amazon. The original Kegelbell Kit (which includes two inserts and three weights) retails for $99.95.

But if you’re looking to equip yourself with an entire gym, you may want to consider one of the bundle options. Add-ons include additional weights, a mounted Kegelbell holder, device cleaner, and even insert serum (lube). Shoppers can even pick up some branded swag if they so choose! Whatever you do, when you bundle three or more items you’ll score 25% off. That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

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*First Published: Mar 26, 2021, 2:50 pm CDT