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Wells Fargo ‘Karen’ says Black Lives Matter mask is a ‘gang sign’

She said she would stop filming at the bank—while standing in the bank parking lot.

Sep 1, 2020, 1:31 pm



Onaje McDowelle

Days after a resurfaced video showed a woman dubbed Wells Fargo “Karen” harassing a bank employee for wearing a Black Lives Matter mask, the woman appeared in another Facebook Live to voice her grievances about the outcome of the situation.

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The woman, Victoria Redstall, claimed that following the original incident, she was asked by Wells Fargo to remove her funds from the bank.

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Two weeks ago, Redstall posted a 4-minute video to Facebook documenting a rant that she directed at a Black employee who was wearing a Black Lives Matter mask in a Los Angeles Wells Fargo. The video begins as she explains that she is trying to sort out an issue with a check at the bank.

In the clip, she approaches the employee and says, "This is Wells Fargo bank and I want to see your mask ‘cause you’re not meant to wear it in Wells Fargo.” Shortly after, the manager of the Wells Fargo location steps in to explain that video recording is not allowed inside of the bank.

"He’s wearing a Black Lives Matter, he’s wearing a very dangerous organization,” she continues as the recording goes on and the manager reiterates the rule against recording on site. “That man represents Wells Fargo, this bank who I’ve been with for twenty years since I came to America."

Redstall goes on until she is asked to leave by the manager.

In a follow-up post posted on Aug. 24, Redstall claimed that she was later contacted by Wells Fargo, and she was told she's a "threat" and asked to remove her funds from the bank.

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On Monday, a new video surfaced that was allegedly taken days later during another Facebook Live. In the new clip, Redstall goes full "Karen," touting a Trump 2020 tank top, mask, and poster while being escorted away from the bank by security.

"You can't do this in front of the bank, I'm sorry," says the security guard, to which Redstall replies, "I'm actually allowed to because I've spoken to headquarters, and I'm not allowed to film in the bank. I won't film in the bank."

"The guy that works at the bank is still wearing the Black Lives Matter mask, still to this day," she says. "So, to all my friends and acquaintances who have asked me what's going on with the Wells Fargo bank... The guy in the bank has got Black Lives Matter, which is the gang that is destroying America right now, he's got it on his mask."

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Redstall states in the video that the manager as reported the incident to higher-level executives within the company who have now contacted her. She says that she received a phone call on Monday from Wells Fargo, which told her the company can't say anything to the employee about the message on his mask.

"What needs to happen is there needs to be different people coming in standing up and speaking up for America," Redstall says. "We don't want our country to be destroyed, obviously. Everyone has a right to wear what they want at anytime... But you don't have a right to wear a gang sign when you represent Wells Fargo."

She also says she was told a month and a half ago that she would not be allowed to wear her Trump 2020 mask and work at a bank.

While standing in the Wells Fargo parking lot, Redstall also says she won't continue filming at the bank. "I was told that I'm not allowed to record in the bank, and when I'm told not to do something, I will never do it again because I honor and respect orders," she says. "I'm pro-law enforcement and I'm pro-Trump."

Wells Fargo says that she "loves her bank" and plans to continue banking with Wells Fargo and has done so for 26 years.

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Video recording inside of banks remains a top level security concern for most financial institutions, according to the American Bankers Association Journal.

In a statement to the Daily Dot confirming that cell phone footage is not permitted to be recorded inside of Wells Fargo locations, a spokesperson from the bank stated, “We can confirm that the incident in question took place at one of our branches in the Los Angeles County area. At any Wells Fargo branch, video recording is not permitted.”

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*First Published: Sep 1, 2020, 1:31 pm