Josh Duggar

Illustration by Jason Reed

Careful whose photo you steal for your profile.

Former reality star and Ashley Madison user Josh Duggar, who confessed to sexually abusing his younger sisters last year, is now being sued for stealing a man’s avatar.

According to TMZ, Matthew McCarthy has filed suit against the 19 Kids and Counting star after learning that Duggar stole his photos and used them as profile pictures on his Ashley Madison, OkCupid, and Twitter accounts—which Duggar used to hookup with women outside of his marriage.

McCarthy told TMZ he’s been getting harassing messages and losing gigs at his DJ job ever since, and is “humiliated.”

A screengrab of the OkCupid account allegedly created by Duggar shows McCarthy’s selfie along with descriptions like “I’m tall, dark, and…LOL!”

Duggar attended an inpatient counseling program for almost seven months in Illinois and exited the faith-based Reformers Unanimous this March. He entered the program after a 2006 police report resurfaced last year showing that he had been accused of sexually abusing five children, four of whom were his own sisters.

The ‘random guy’ Josh Duggar used in his OkCupid profile photo is not having a good week
You might not know this random guy, but you've seen his random face.
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